Top Tips When Selecting Oil Less Fryers



Conventionally, frying is a method of cooking that requires the use of fat or oil to a greater extent. As such, the fact that oil less fryers exist is something many cannot fathom. Oil less fryers are new on the scene but they seem to have taken the market by storm. When you head out to shop for a new appliance, you are likely to face challenges, and with these fryers, the situation can be overwhelming. You will get the perfect flavors cooling with oil less fryers, and you don’t have to worry about excess fats.

If you want to purchase an oil less fryer, make sure that you know the space available in your kitchen. The space will enable you to pick the right oil less fryer size and dimension. If you ignore your kitchen space, you will be surprised when you get home only to realize that your counters are too small for the huge fryer you purchased. If you want to get your purchase right, make sure that you factor in the capacity of the oil less fryers. apparently, capacity denotes the volume of food you can cook in one round. It’s advisable that you check the number of people you will be cooking for and pick the fryer whose capacity can feed such a number.

If you want to prepare more food, you will be better off with an oil less fryer that comes with a bigger dimension or an extension that helps accommodate more food items. With oil less fryers, you get the versatility needed of you want to prepare different recipes. Remember, if you want to bake, roast or grill, you can make do with a model that comes with additional options. if you want to accomplish your cooking dreams, make sure that you evaluate what you want to do in the kitchen before you can purchase the oil less fryer. Even though oilless deep fryer sound too sophisticated, there is need to know the difference between programmable units and those that can be operated manually.

It’s good to note that some oil less fryers will come packed with smart features including phone controlled timers that can operate the unit remotely. The good thing with these appliances is that you can use pre-set options for easy cooking or you can decide to set cooking sessions and temperatures manually. When you choose an oil less fryer, it’s advisable that you consider care and maintenance requirements.If you have resolved to purchase an oil less fryer, you need to be keen about cleaning and maintenance. Apparently, some models are easy to clean with the dishwasher while others can only be cleaned manually. If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning these oil less fryers manually, make sure that you read product reviews to choose models that can be cleaned with little effort. Make sure to check out this website at and discover more facts about frying pans


What to Consider When Choosing a Deep Fryer



Due to the presence of several deep fryers in the shops, selecting one the best deep fryer can be a daunting task.These fryers include those that use electricity, propane and air. For that reason, it is important to consider the factors below before purchasing any fryer that will suit your needs.

Capacity is one of the most critical points to consider when you are buying a deep fryer. You need to assess the number of people you serve. For instance, for business reasons, it is right to buy a bigger fryer that can accommodate larger meals as opposed to purchasing a small cooker that will force you to cook several bunches of meals. If you are serving a small group of people of four; then the best deep fryer would be the 4-cup deep fryer.

Also, if you are looking for an electric deep fryer, it is important to buy one that has a higher power rating as they have high heating elements. These kitchen oil less fryer saves time and energy since they respond to the high temperature you have set quick and in turn, they raise the oil temperature. As soon as you add your ingredients, the oil’s temperature will rise even more quickly, and your dishes will cook evenly without absorbing much oil.

Similarly, you need to choose a deep fryer with an adjustable temperature. Do not buy the ones that have only the low, medium and high-temperature regulators. The good thing about the purchasing a fryer that has adjustable temperature is that you can cook different meals that require different temperature so your cooker will not limit you to one meal only. Be sure to check out this website at and know more about frying pans.

Moreover, to drain oil from your foods, consider buying oilless deep fryer that have frying basket hooks.

These frying baskets hooks are beneficial since they will allow you to hang the bowl on the side of the fryer with the oil beneath it so that the oil can drain.

Also, ensure that you purchase a deep fryer that you can easily wash. The best fryers for this situation will those that have a nonstick interior. Some of the deep fryers will come across will have a dishwasher-safe substance, but others will need to be hand-washed.

What’s more, before you even buy the deep fryers, you need to know where you will store your fryer. The first thing you should do is to determine the size of your pantry stand where you intend to place the fryer.

Lastly, if you like low-fat foods, you can opt to buy the oil-less deep fryers as some do not require oil to cook these foods.

The Benefits of Cooking With an Air Cooker


With the current craze about healthy living and lifestyle diseases, everyone is looking for a way in which they can prepare and cook healthy food. And the most effective means of accomplishing this is to use an air cooker. The food placed in an air cooker is cooked by superheated air that is made to circulate through it. This cooker is normally liked because it is easy to use. Here are some of the benefits of cooking with an air cooker.

Less Oil Used While Cooking

The reason, why the air cooker is loved by many, is this. For those who want to watch their weight by eating a low-fat diet, then this is the cooker for you. You do not require to add any oil especially for foods that are normally baked. You simply have to prepare them and put them in the cooker straight away.

Its Use Is Not Complicated

The user interface on the device is simple enough so that you only press few buttons to set it to cooking. What you are required to do is place the food in the cooking bowl, set the timer and temperature controls and you are good to go. You therefore have enough time to engage in other useful tasks around the house. There’s the possibility for self-stirring in some air cookers. Check out this website at for more facts about frying pans.

Time Saving.

Unlike the oven, an air cooker does not need to be preheated before placing the food. You may as well place food from the fridge directly into the air deep fryer. The food also takes less time to cook since the cooker heats it from all angles.

Safety Measures Included

All air cookers come with pre-installed safety measures. Automatic shutdown to prevent burning of food, lockable doors for the compartments, as well as rubber bases, are some of the features included in these cookers to ensure safety.

Minimizes Oil Wastage

In order to cook food, you need cooking oil as one of the basic ingredients. Cooking with an air cooker, however, does not require the use of cooking fat. The benefit of this is saving on the oil expenses.

Can Be Used For Several Types Of Cooking.

This cooking device can be easily applied to several types of cooking. The cooker can be used for grilling, baking, frying and even roasting, making it a must-have device for your kitchen. If you, therefore, buy an air cooker, it won’t be necessary to buy any other appliance since it can perform all the cooking tasks for you.

Essential Points to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Kitchen Fryer Cooker



Today, people have many options of choosing from the different kitchen machines available in the shops that they can use when preparing their meals. With the discovery of oilless deep fryers and deep fryers, it is now easy to make delicious dishes as you do not have to monitor the gas stove until the meal is ready.  The advantage of cooking using this fryer is that it only requires you to place the ingredients in the vessel, set the time that is required to cook the meal and as soon as the meal is ready, the fryer will switch itself off. If you are looking for oil less cooker or a deep fryer, it is important to put the following points into consideration.

Compactness and storage of the fryer are the first points you need to put into consideration when buying a kitchen fryer cooker.  While keeping the size of your pantry stand in mind, it is also important to consider purchasing a cooker that can fit well on the stand.  Besides, the electrical outlets’ locality is something not to overlook together with the location of where you will store your fryer while not in use.

Secondly, consider the temperature control of the air cooker.  Most deep fryers come with a broad range of temperature control selection, but the best models have advanced from the usual low, medium and high-temperature control selection.  Make sure that the deep fryer you intend to buy has more than just the on and off switch.  Also, if the kitchen fryer is divided into two separate units, it is vital to choose a kitchen fryer cooker that has temperature controller on each unit.

Similarly, when you are choosing a cooker, it is imperative to put the size of the cooker into consideration. For example, if you are looking for a fryer that can prepare small dishes, then it is advisable to buy one that can accommodate small dishes.  Conversely, if you are someone has big family to feed, then you need to purchase a cooker that can feed everyone in your family, and hence you ought to buy the larger kitchen cooker. Moreover, make sure that you buy a cooker whose bowls are strong and they will not discard your food while you are preparing.  Know more about frying pans at

Lastly, before buying any fryer, it is important also to consider the price.  If you want a cheap fryer, then the small electric deep cookers are the best in this case.  Kitchen air deep fryer such as the propane, oil less fryers, and the larger electric fryers are costly.  The bottom line is that let your needs determine the type of cooker you need.

Guide to Selecting the Best Deep Fryer



In most kitchens, you will not miss one or more type of deep fryers. A deep fryer is an important equipment to have in the kitchen if you plan to serve crispy fries or juicy chicken fingers.

There are dozens of deep fryer models in the market that you can buy. The deep fryers have been specially designed to address the challenges encountered in the food service industry. Below are three tips to consider when looking for a deep fryer.

What is On Your Menu?

Consider the type of food you will be preparing. For a restaurant, you should have an idea of the current and future foods you will be cooking. A tube-style gas fryer will be ideal if your menu mostly consists of breaded and heavily buttered foods. Just below the burner tubes of the air cooker fryer, there is a sediment zone. At the zone, crumbs and small pieces of food that fall off while you are cooking will be caught.

If your restaurant is quite busy, it may be necessary to buy two or more deep fryers. In such a case, you may set aside specific fryers to be used for cooking proteins and seafood. Doing this will ensure the dishes retain their flavors. Apart from this, you want to avoid allergy issues that have become common today. Learn more about frying pans at

How Much Food Will You Be Cooking?

The power and size of your air deep fryer should be suitable for the amount of food you will be frying. The best fryer should be large enough for the amount of food you will be serving. The food is likely to come out inferior if a lot of it is cooked in a small fryer. Still on this point, food that overlaps the oil will not end up cooked evenly.

The volume of food that can be cooked at any one time will depend on the fryer’s tank capacity. How quickly the oil will return to cooking temperature after food has been dipped in also depends on the tank capacity. Finally, the time that the fryer will take to recover will also depend with the tank capacity.

If your restaurant is usually busy between 11.30am and 1.00pm, a smaller fryer can take time to recover. Therefore, you can end up cooking at a lower temperature. This will make the food will turn out greasy because it will have absorbed more oil.

Gas fryers generally heat up faster than electric fryers. However, when it comes to recovery time, electric fryers are faster.

Space Available in the Kitchen

If there isn’t a lot of space in your kitchen, choose an electric counter top deep fryer. Delis, corporate cafes and other smaller establishments prefer these fryers.