Guide to Selecting the Best Deep Fryer



In most kitchens, you will not miss one or more type of deep fryers. A deep fryer is an important equipment to have in the kitchen if you plan to serve crispy fries or juicy chicken fingers.

There are dozens of deep fryer models in the market that you can buy. The deep fryers have been specially designed to address the challenges encountered in the food service industry. Below are three tips to consider when looking for a deep fryer.

What is On Your Menu?

Consider the type of food you will be preparing. For a restaurant, you should have an idea of the current and future foods you will be cooking. A tube-style gas fryer will be ideal if your menu mostly consists of breaded and heavily buttered foods. Just below the burner tubes of the air cooker fryer, there is a sediment zone. At the zone, crumbs and small pieces of food that fall off while you are cooking will be caught.

If your restaurant is quite busy, it may be necessary to buy two or more deep fryers. In such a case, you may set aside specific fryers to be used for cooking proteins and seafood. Doing this will ensure the dishes retain their flavors. Apart from this, you want to avoid allergy issues that have become common today. Learn more about frying pans at

How Much Food Will You Be Cooking?

The power and size of your air deep fryer should be suitable for the amount of food you will be frying. The best fryer should be large enough for the amount of food you will be serving. The food is likely to come out inferior if a lot of it is cooked in a small fryer. Still on this point, food that overlaps the oil will not end up cooked evenly.

The volume of food that can be cooked at any one time will depend on the fryer’s tank capacity. How quickly the oil will return to cooking temperature after food has been dipped in also depends on the tank capacity. Finally, the time that the fryer will take to recover will also depend with the tank capacity.

If your restaurant is usually busy between 11.30am and 1.00pm, a smaller fryer can take time to recover. Therefore, you can end up cooking at a lower temperature. This will make the food will turn out greasy because it will have absorbed more oil.

Gas fryers generally heat up faster than electric fryers. However, when it comes to recovery time, electric fryers are faster.

Space Available in the Kitchen

If there isn’t a lot of space in your kitchen, choose an electric counter top deep fryer. Delis, corporate cafes and other smaller establishments prefer these fryers.


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